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Kyle and his friend Cody Goggin are looking to setup some house concerts. Get more information!
New Album
The new album, Hallowed, is all original songs written and sung by Kyle. The songs generally fit the rock genre and all the songs have a storytelling vibe. Songs range from autobiography to Kyle's unique perspective on life and love. Buy the album at Amazon, Google Play Store, iTunes, or CD Baby.
Musical Releases
Kyle has four albums available through various online distributors. One of the albums, Lifted Standards, received some press and earned Kyle an article in the Jazz Times. Links to Kyle's artist page: @ CD Baby @ Amazon @ iTunes @ Google Play @ Sound Cloud
2015-07-01: Kyle will perform in the Featured Songwriter Showcase at The Wolf in Ballwin, MO sharing the stage with Cody Goggin.

Kyle regularly appears at the open mic at The Wolf in Ballwin, MO on Tuesdays and at Michelle's in Eureka, MO on Wednesdays.

You can hear Kyle with Between The Rain and The Rebounds both cover bands located around St. Louis, MO.
2015-05-08: Kyle opened for Javier Mendoza at a Henry House Concert.
2015-03-27: Kyle opened for Hannah Aldridge at a Henry House Concert.
2015-02-27: Kyle opened for Danny Schmidt at a Henry House Concert.
2015-02-26: Kyle performed at two local school assemblies and talked about songwriting.
2015-02-04: A featured performer at The Wolf for the February Songwriter Showcase.
2014-11-17: Kyle opened for The Tall Trees at a Henry House Concert.
2014-10-10: Hallowed CD Release party. Featuring Cody Goggin and Andrew Flowers performing their songs along Kyle.
2014-08-15: Kyle opened for the Chris Duarte Group at a Henry House Concert.
2014-04-11: Kyle opened for the Nikki Lane and Bobbie Bare at a Henry House Concert.
Kyle makes an excellent opener for other singer-songwriters and fits well in house concert or other settings. To book Kyle solo or in Between the Rain or The Rebounds, please contact.
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Dream Song Everything Good At Something I Ain't Special I Would Meet You I Saw You There Let The Ghost Of Chance Microphone Hiss Only Thaw For You Thinking Of The World Those Three Words What Tomorrow Gonna Give

Have you ever wanted to battle a metaphorical dragon? Kyle has and is. In the spring of 2014, a friend asked him to open at a house concert. After misconnecting with a couple singers, Kyle decided no one was going to sing his songs but himself. So, he showed up at a local open mic and sang in public a week before the house concert. Since then, he's been working hard every week to build vocal skill and confidence. Hallowed was recorded after just a few months of cutting his vocal teeth in public. Still, no autotune; just Kyle's raw, emotive voice. The next album of original music will featured a more matured and honed vocal instrument. By day Kyle teaches outside St. Louis, MO; by some nights he plays solo or with the cover bands The Rebounds or Between The Rain. He's been a teacher for 18 years and gives private music lessons.
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To book please contact Kyle. Please specify if you are interested in one of the bands Kyle plays with or in Kyle as a solo sing-songwriter. Kyle makes an excellent opener for other singer-songwriters and fits well in house concert or other settings.

Additionally, you may call or text 314.225.5272. When leaving a message, please leave your name and relevant information. When texting, please mention you're contacting about music.